Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beautiful Dancing

I knew I was in for the dance of my life when I met David, but I never knew I would have such an orchestra that would magically play each of my favorite tunes and at the right kiddos! They are so much fun...their first "piece" of the day was to shoo us back into bed because they wanted to serve us our anniversary breakfast there.

Right on cue, they came with the tablet and pencil ready to take our order which consisted of Blueberry Morning cereal, bananas and orange juice...laughing and smiling as though they would burst any moment with pride. Their chitter-chatter in the kitchen made such beautiful music!

While we waited for our meal, David and I took out the dusty box that holds our wedding album and were amazed at how much we've aged...oh my has to be from all of those difficult dance steps that we've incurred in our life together.

And as the temperature sored...we jumped into the van and headed for Six Flags.

We lived life to the fullest yesterday...and when David and I were about ready to keel over after spending 8 hours in the triple digits...they wanted more.  I wish I could pill up their energy level and swallow one each day. 

Oh!  Their love of life really does make such beautiful music!

We had to chuckle...there is a saying that everything is bigger in Texas...well take a look at this chair.  What a fun photo op it turned out to be!

Isn't that chair HUGE?!  Stan would have loved to haul it out with all of his "mighty powers" and stash it in his bedroom!

When the temps were too hot, there was always the water rides to cool us off.

Each kiddo pushed their fear factor up a notch.  Stan was so happy to finally be tall enough to ride some bigger kid Aquaman Splashdown (above), the mini-mine roller coaster, or the swings.  At one point, to convince the ride attendant, I actually tried to slick Stan's hair up into a spike  in order to gain some height.  What a mom will do for her kids!  (And I felt no shame!)

Mabel almost made it on Tony Hawks...after waiting in line for one hour and being just steps from the loading platform...they closed it down!  One huge, hot blow to our excitement...but we found more water rides to cool our jets off.

Sally rocked the roller coaster world.  We cannot keep up with her and her need for speed.  While David and I want to literally puke...she wants the next fastest.  The child has been that way since she was 6 years old.  The picture below was taken right after she exited The Titan...the first roller coaster that has ever scared her.

In the photo above, I put an arrow next to our little Miss Ester pointing out that she was ALONE on that ride. She was soooo excited.  Not only did she triumph on that but she also moved her way up the list of roller coasters by going on Judge Roy.

Even though we couldn't literally go dancing...we did enjoy our entertainment...and toasted to faith and love.

P.S.  We are thinking of taking dancing classes...maybe two step?


  1. Patty-that looks like a really good day and a great way to spend your anniversary!!

  2. YES! Living in Texas you have to learn to two step. It is a given. :)

  3. I love this post. AND I love the pic of you and your beloved. A rare pic of the blog author! you look beautiful -- just as in the wedding pic you shared yesterday.

  4. Thanks, Ladies. It was a fun day. Stan slept in till 9:30 the next morning. MiMi fell asleep right before Mass last night, so I left her home with David.

    Kat~ I really, really want to own a pair of real, shiny, flashy cowGirl boots someday and twirl on a dance floor!

    Gardenia~ I always refer to other's spouses as 'beloved', too! Thanks for the compliment. I could feel myself turning red. I do not like to put a bunch of photos of myself up...I get embarrassed. Most people will find me behind the lens!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful anniversary! Love the chair...that is too funny!
    Oh, and we have 199 more days to work until summer vacation! :D


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