Tuesday, June 29, 2010

S'more Things To Post About

Okay...so we were missing like a major prop here....a campground?!....but who says that you can't have fun with these in your own backyard?

So, she started freaking out  a little when the marshmallow oozed across her face.  She's my neat freak.


Our Crepe Myrtles are in full bloom now....had to share what it looks like at our community swimming pool.

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?  Just another thing that I love about the South...the really neat vegetation.

We also found this cute little praying mantis...I don't recall ever finding a baby one....

When we arrived back home after swimming, we found these....

... I instantly had a lump in my throat and my heart skipped a beat.  We are definitely looking forward to this weekend for many reasons.  The picture above is an obvious one, but we also will be leaving for our trip "back home".   With both David and I coming from large families, I can guarantee great posts will be inspired! 


  1. S'mores: The messier the better! Those crepe myrtles are gorgeous!

  2. I do not have a crepe myrtle in my yard and I really, really want one...they are so beautiful, especially when in bloom!

  3. My kids love the no-bake kind too...from the Boxcar Children books...using Marsh Creme instead of melted marshmallows. Not as much ambiance but super easy!


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