Monday, June 7, 2010

More Lake Fun

You know, many things pop into mind when you think of the words summer....lakes....swimming...

Tubes....definitely! one of those pop-ins!


~Cannot go swimming without them!  Nothing like drifting away...being totally lazy....dangling the hands and legs in the water and just being...there is just something so peaceful about it.

Yup, I even got into one.  I'll take a tube any day!


My kids and and my husband have quite the imaginations.  If I could find one adverb that colors each of them in with the same color....I would have to use the word CONSTANT.

We have this bucket that we haul all of the sand toys in.  Sunday, the bucket became a tube... in a round about way.


The Bucket Boat

The bucket launch below...

...and then the tilt-a-bucket...

And dear Mabel...being the adventurous one, like her father,...took it a step further...literally!


And when the day was coming to an end...and Mabel had been trying so hard to make Stosh happy...

...but couldn't get him to make up his mind...well...she finally gave up...


This is Lake Ray Roberts out in Pilot Pointe, TX.  It is a beautiful drive through the country....gorgeous horse country!....far enough away, yet still close enough to get back in time for dinner.


Tennis lessons begin today for Sally and Ester.  How are your plans shaping up for the week?



  1. Great pictures! And now I want to go hit the lake! :)

  2. Cute hair. It looks good on you!

  3. Thanks, Melissa. I love short hair! Short and sassy!

  4. Love the pictures. Now I want to go, too!!!!
    Plans for the week? My oldest nephew's hs graduation tonight, school for the boys this week, a dinner/dance in Sherman on Friday, and a few other things I forgot to write down....oops!


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