Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just an FYI

Sorry for the blur in this.  I was in a hurry to clean windows and failed to double check the shot.

I LOVE this item!!!!!!!

It comes with one pad that says it can clean up to 20 windows...but we got about 24 windows out of it!

David popped off all the screens while I assembled the product.  (You can attach yet another long pole to the handle, i.e. painting poll, to reach even higher heights). 

David washed the windows on the outside while I washed the inside with paper towels ...and he finished first. 

We did the screens as well.  The entire project took 1.5 hours!  Gotta love it!

One suggestion, make sure you wash up & down AND side-to-side.  It eliminates streaking.

Replacement pads run around $5. 

Two thumbs up for this product!


Just a copyright reminder...There recently has been a problem with a picture, under copyright,  being used as a topic that was unflattering to the owner. 

Just a gentle reminder, (as my dear friend, Sondra would say),  that all material on all blogs are and wording. 


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