Sunday, June 13, 2010

Journey Through Adoption

There are always so many different kinds of  "firsts" when you bring your adopted one home for good.  Many phases...many stages.

Yesterday, after a long break in the "firsts", we experienced yet another... and it made my heart just swell...with love...happiness...with relief.

Stan and I were walking through the grocery store to pick up milk and paper towels.  We walked past a couple of Asian women.

 (I really have a hard time determining Asian well as many other nationalities...hence the reasons I said "Asian women.")

I didn't think twice about it until Stan spoke...and I barely heard the words...

...shocked (since this was a "first"), I gently asked him to repeat what he said...

"Mom, those ladies are from China, like me, because they look like me!"  He was beaming and very proud ....could have been proud of the fact that he was able to recognize Asian people...or....that he "thought" he knew where they were from .  (My heart is just swelling right now....sigh....)

I told him that he was a very smart boy.  And he beamed even more.  And then I reminded him that he could be Korean. ;) 

Why was I relieved?  Because there are so many adopted children who grow up, and for a variety of reasons, wish that they would never had been adopted...into another culture...and it is always on the back burner of my mind.  I pray that Stan always knows love and rejoices in it!

P.S.  My brain is still in the process of creating a post on infertility.


More random thoughts....

~I'm lovin' my sparkling windows!  Make sure you read the post An FYI.

~Sally was whipping up some lemon bars for dessert on Saturday...she did a great job and could see GREAT with her new glasses!  I'll miss our eye frames and lenses $10...major ChaChing!

They were as delicious as they looked!  There is something to say about lemons in the summertime!

~I had a blast playing around with the new blog look and adding some fun, new widgets.

~I've mentioned that David and I have 36 nieces and nephews in the past.  THREE nieces have just  recently become engaged since Memorial Day weekend! 

...weddings will probably fall within a 7 month time span...all over 1,000 miles away...oh my!  Stan was asked to be a ring bearer for one.  I told my niece, Grace, that he will steal her thunder!

~Has anyone else noticed that June is just about half over?!

~I will post my new give away tomorrow!  Talk to you then!


  1. Love the blog's new look! I really like the music!!!! Cool! I may have to borrow some ideas ;)

  2. Blogger has a ton of new stuff up. Play with it and have fun. It encourages lots of individualality and uniqueness.

  3. The music, yes! It reminds me of Stan so much and truly expresses the love we have for him.

  4. Hi Patty! Thanks for visiting me today. I started blogging a couple months ago and have met a lot of great people. I love all of the great photos in your blog. It amazes me how many wonderful adoptive and homeschool parents there are. It's so great!


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