Monday, June 28, 2010

Burying Ben

Mabel's beloved pet frog, Ben, passed away some time in the middle of the night.  It broke her heart.  She's doing okay now that we've memorialized him.  I think she will recover just fine.  It's that initial shock...and it was her first pet.

So, here is our tribute to Ben:

Ben was adopted into our family on September 15, 2009 when Mabel turned six years old.  While he was with us, he made a wonderful house guest.  There were no noise complaints to be made.  Food...didn't break the bank.  Just two frog pellets once a week.  Ben was not messy nor smelly.  His tank only needed to be wiped down on the inside about once every five months.  He will be sadly missed by his owner, Mabel.  Fortunately, he is survived by his twin brother, Bill.

Sally found Ben this morning, upside down, with a severe case of froggy-rigamortis. Daddy fished him out and placed him in the morgue, a.k.a. freezer, until after swimming lessons.  I went to Michael's for some supplies and picked up a nice little box that would make a coffin fit for an amphibious king.  After it was neatly decorated, we went out into the back and laid poor Ben to rest.

Now...normally, when the pet fish come to permanently rest on their back fin, they just go down the toilet ...all pipes lead to the ocean, right?  According to Nemo they do.  But... it is a little bit harder to do that to a pet frog.  So, I'm not sure if Frog Heaven is different than Fish Heaven, but no sooner did we bury Ben and walk into the house, but there came a huge crack of thunder and the wind kicked up mightily.  I went outside to find this....

I'm thinkin' that Ben made a grand entrance into Frog Heaven! 


  1. Oh, poor Mabel! But what a way to end it!

  2. She had recovered! I just pray that Bill doesn't pass away while we are on vacation. That would be really bad!

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss. We've had to say goodbye to fish, a dog and a hamster over the years. It's never easy!


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