Friday, June 4, 2010

Baptismal Birthdays

Four years ago today, Stan was baptized. 

That year was extra special...we had just brought Stan home 7 weeks was Pentecost Sunday...Dad was done with his chemo.

We love to celebrate our baptismal birthdays.  The little people look forward to each one...dates are always on the calendar as a reminder...although, the little people do not need reminding at this point.

Our baptismal birthdays are just as important as our birth day.  We celebrate them with the re-lighting of our baptismal candle, singing happy birthday...

.... and opening some gift that reflects their ever-growing Catholic faith.... this case, a book that promotes purity through dragons and knights (or scrolls).


It is 1:30pm and we've already had a busy day! 

First stop...our home school group, Ave Maria, celebrated our end-of-year Mass....truly a  lovely and a beautiful way to end our school year as a group. 

Next came a visit to see our beloved Dr. Suzanne....3 out of 4  kiddos have the dreaded sinus infection.

Followed by a stop at the pharmacy...we love the staff at Sam's Club!  They are the sweetest

Ending the morning by celebrating Sam's baptism and of course lunch.

Whew!  Thank Heavens it is Friday!

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