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You Had Me At Hello - An Adoption Story

This is just a glimpse into our son's adoption.  Lately we have had many  inquiries about adoption or have been in conversation centered around it.  Because of that,  I  have decided to share a small part of our story with you all.

On the Sunday night before Thanksgiving, November 20, 2005, ...7pm to be exact.... the phone call came... 

"Mrs. So-and-so, we have a referral for you...and it is a boy!"

I don't remember too much after that since I was floating up to the ceiling with happy gas and total joy.  What I do remember is receiving a brief report over the phone and without any hesitation, we accepted his referral with total though we had just given birth ...only in our hearts.

I do remember my face hurting from all the smiling.   I remember making all the phone calls to relatives, sharing our grand news with them, but I don't remember much else except floating...on a cloud...called #  Nine.

We had to wait until the next morning to see his little face...and this is the face we fell in love with...

Stan's picture was immediately scanned and emailed to EVERYONE we knew...and then copies were sent snail mail to EVERYONE we knew!  (Those poor people!)  The abundant joy that filled us from head to toe, the joy that filled every ounce of our being...words cannot describe.  What a wonderful way to celebrate that Thanksgiving!

The waiting period after that was the worst!  It was absolutely painful at times.  Imagine you left your child behind in another country and you know you will get him back, but not for four months.  You are told he is being well taken care of...but you have no way of seeing him, touching him, comforting him. 

Painful doesn't cover it.

And each day of waiting, we spiraled wildly out of control into the deepest depths of love.

I spent every single week in adoration praying for my little man, praying for the grace to withstand the time, praying for patience. 

We'd split adoration hour (30 min's each), one of us taking the girls out to the playground while the other stayed in the chapel.  On one particular day, while it was my turn to take adoration, I was sitting inside asking God,  "....just how much longer will it take..."  when in that same instant David came in, leaned down next to me, and whispered...

"Are you ready to go pick up your son..."

 In confusion, I flew around to look at him  and he said, "...they just called!" 

It was THE call of all calls  - the grand daddy of all calls that families wait for when adopting from overseas.

Needless to say, I didn't finish my rosary!  After a quick, respectful genuflect, I was running out of the church...and boy! was I crying tears of joy. I was in utter awe over how God had just spoken to the depths of my very soul I felt Him. 

There are only a few moments in my life when I physically felt Him that close to me, and that, my friends, was one of those moments. 

The day was Thursday, March 30, 2006, around 9:30am - to be exact! 

I had an idea of when our travel call would come, but not an exact date. 

We lived 120 miles from the closest relative and Dad was finishing up chemo but we had an army of homeschool friends and friends from church who helped us with the girls.  They were all angels and had been in line, waiting with us, for that call!  They  took charge and all was well with the world.

About 86 hours later, we were on our way to South Korea...

...and sitting on the plane in the pre-dawn hours of the morning, the sky was just turning the slightest shades of soft pink on the horizon...when we started taxing down the runway ...

... I suddenly felt scared and panicked....Am I crazy?!  What am I doing?!  I'm flying half way around the bring home another child...I'm leaving my girls and going so far away...we must be crazy?! I  felt like I wanted to jump out the emergency exit and roll all the way back to the comforts of my home.

 I felt reallyreally sick to my stomach with the reality of it all.

 And this was only the first leg in a three-part trip!

We flew from Springfield, IL to O'Hare first.  As we were sitting watching the really big birds coming in from some foreign land far, far away, I couldn't help but wonder... just how in 'tarnation we were going to make it from Chicago... to Tokyo... without refueling...hmmmm...

Well,  that thought certainly didn't help me relax!

To be continued...


  1. Oh Patty, what a great beginning to an awesome love story - can't wait to hear more!

  2. Stan looks just like his baby pic! What a cutie!!! And what a sweet story!

  3. What a wonderful story! I adopted my daughter a year ago and it is the greatest thing that happened to me. I found a lot of great advice about raising an adopted child from I hope you can find some useful advice from this website too.

  4. Thank you for finding me online! I have popped over to read about your journey and am just getting started, but excited to dive in!

  5. Hi,
    I'm Hayley and ever since 4th grade I've always wanted to adopt! I'm only 14 so maybe that sounds a bit... odd but through the years I've met some pretty inspirational people that have adopted. In sixth grade I met a girl who was handicapped and we talked for a while about foster care and all she's been through. Her story was sad, however she revived a second chance when her new mom adopted her. Despite not ever being in foster care I never fully understood her happiness when she told me she was finally being adopted, but it gave me my own sense of happiness seeing her cry tears of joy; It was really heartwarming! While I'm just starting to look through your post and journey I'm glad I found you. Thank you for being another inspiration,
    ~hugs from Hayley


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