Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Porch

Driving home last night, coming down my street, my front porch with the white rocker came into view...and I felt home.   There is just something magical about summertime and a front porch. 

Up until my adult life, when I spread my wings and flew away, I lived in the same house.  My mom still is in that house...51 years now?  We had a large, open front that shouted, "You are welcome here!"

If you remember the hit t.v. show The Waltons, you should know my porch looked a lot like that.  We also had the same type of kitchen I thought we were related to the Waltons.

As a child, it seemed ginormous (as my little Ester says).  I'd set up shop...with my dolls or Barbies, and play all day long in the summertime.  And as the sun rays spread further and further across the porch, I'd shrink my castle into the shady spots and turn it  into an island hut...and would continue to play unperturbed.

It was a great place to have a lemonade stand or kool aid stand.  It showcased Mom's gorgeous white flower boxes that spanned the width of the porch.  The flowers would just cascade down and oh! they were always beautiful. The porch was for taking prom pictures, mother's day pictures, birthday pictures...

All  guests were greeted there with big smiles.

The front porch was a place to just be... where new babies and grand babies were welcomed... where Dad made his last exit from...

We always had a porch changed over the years from wicker to solid wood, it weathered, it even fell on a couple of occasions (after the contractor "rehung" it when the new siding was finished).  The swing holds soooo many memories. 

It was a place to just hang out as play hide and seek watch a thunderstorm in the warm summer have a parent listen to a teenage  "crisis" swing a baby into slumber...or up to some cloud of happiness and to see them smile while doing so. 

It was the place to watch all the cars driving initiation into the hobby of "people watching".

The porch swing held young love birds, on summer nights...until Dad or Mom knocked on the front window or turned on the porch light!

You could always read a good book while swinging on that swing...or sit and wait for "your ride" to pick you up.  Many serious discussions where held there...and funny ones as well.

Through the front window, I could see my parents sitting together, swinging together, Dad's arm around Mom's shoulder...

I can recall hearing the front door slam shut and knowing someone or something was happening on the front was a social center you could say.

Since then...I have had a front porch on three of my last four homes.   I have to have a porch, to put a swing or rocker on...a porch where I can live and breathe life...a place to be...where all my worries are washed away.


  1. Patty - growing up I did not have a front porch. Since then, I have had one on three of our last four houses too, including this one and love them. I especially like to sit out on it and watch the storms rolling in. Something about the cool breeze (or not here in the south) and that sweet smell of rain.....LOVE IT! - Kat

  2. I had a front porch where I grew up in upstate NY. Here in the sultry suburbia of the south, it's the back patio that gets the most use... esp in the fall and spring. Merlot in hand, DH and I sit and chat after dinner, while the kids ride bikes and scooters out front.
    It is a lovely place to be.


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