Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Interlude

There are so many beautiful traditions in the Catholic church. And is there any better way to start the Mother's Day weekend than with a May Crowning? This is another of my favorite childhood memories. The beautiful songs and flowers that we bestow on Our Mother represent such tenderness and love.

And these six little people that received or will receive their First Holy Communion this spring, they were delighted to take part in this lovely tradition.

When I first set the date, I didn't think about what weekend it fell on. The other night when I thought about it, I could only think how appropriate! This is a wonderful prelude to Mother's Day.

We may not have a roof over our heads like that of a regular parochial school building, but we do have an identity, which is our "roof". We are Ave Maria homeschool group, lovingly chosen after Our Mother. And as I type this, I come to another thought... we are Ave Maria. And this was a very special day for us since Mary is our patroness.

I cannot end without saying how grateful we are to have Fr. B. in our lives! We have a wonderful, caring, loving pastor who supports our choices to teach our children at home, in faith and love, guided by Our Mother and the Church. Thank you, Fr. B! We love you!


  1. Love this! And thank you so much for organizing the May crowning. It was beautiful and wonderful!

  2. Thank you Patty, it was beautiful :)


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