Monday, May 3, 2010


I am so addicted to coffee! I have only been drinking this magical stuff since last fall. For years my husband told me that I needed to "mature" in my tastes and give up the diet-coke.

I became hooked on diet coke some years ago, probably around the time I started homeschooling. I thought I'd break myself of the habit by not buying so much...didn't work. I have no will power when it comes to caffeine.

I found myself running out of it and then running down the road a bit to the nearest gas station for a fountain soda.

My sister Jane and I would laugh and note that nothin' says white trash quite like a big, honkin', styrofoam cup of soda!!! Where was my shame?

You know it is bad when you beg your little person for a $1 from their piggy bank promising, with just the slightest embarrassment, to pay it back as soon as you go to the bank. For shame!

I was one who would love the smell of coffee, but couldn't stand the taste. But...I took the dive last fall and purchased by first coffee pot - ever! The only way I can drink it is with something chocolate flavored and sugar.

And my soda habit today? Off and on... depends on my mood or the day.

Today is Monday.

These two cute munchkins are playing grocery store. I'm tyring to keep them occupied this week because it is achievement- test- week for the older two girls.

Yes, even homeschool kids take these.
No complaints - yet - about the tests. Besides, they only have 8 school days left and those are half days thrown in with some swimming breaks at the pool.
Happy Monday!

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