Sunday, May 9, 2010

Little Girl Dreams

I've always wanted to be a mother.  As far back into my childhood that I can remember, I always was a my dolls, my Barbies, my little baby brothers...I would dream and wish and create my life in the future and it always lead to being a mother (that and a beautician!) 

Around the age of 4 or 5, I remember receiving Baby Alive for Christmas.  I was so excited because she would eat "real" baby food and "poop" it out in a diaper.  She would crawl and coo, too.  My childhood house was a big, old house where all the bedrooms upstairs had HUGE walk-in closets (enormous in the eyes of a child).  I would set up shop in my bedroom closet: a real, child-size, wooden table and chairs, play dishes and sink, baby buggy, bottles and booties,  and baby play house inside my  real house. 

And as I grew, my "children" grew in numbers.  I had all the names picked out and imagined that this is exactly how my life would become in 20 years...

And as the years passed, my imagination took on other roles and boy! did my dolls change.  I had taken it upon myself to be self-taught in the art of cosmetology.  I was a hair dresser!  A beautician!  My dolls took on new appearances with new hair-do's:  some received hair cuts, some had their plastic hair melted by the curling iron cemented with hair spray.  How many curling irons I must have ruined of my older sisters!  Some dolls received make-up consults with my mom's Avon samples that the Avon lady always left for the girls in the house. I loved those samples!  (And no, my mom never wore make-up...I think Miss Avon Lady was always hoping she'd purchase more than what she did.)

And then life continued to happen.  I grew up.  I stopped playing with dolls but my motherly dreams never faded. 

There were a couple of Mother's Days where I longed to be a mother...and hadn't been blessed yet, yearning for my time to come.  There were a couple of Mother's Days where I didn't want to attend Mass because of the losses that I suffered  and I couldn't bear to endure the heart ache of watching the other mothers deservedly stand up after Mass to receive a special blessing.

God had plans for me..I had to wait, be patient, and endure losses....and now I'm a mother to these four little people who are such a blessing to me!  And time keeps marching on.... way too quickly! They are growing faster than I would prefer and I have no control over it...except to continue to enjoy all the beauty that they bring into my life...for that moment, for that day.  They are my childhood dreams come true!

My girls have their own special dreams that they are weaving in their imaginations.  They love to play with baby dolls, American Girl dolls or Barbies, to "mother" their little brother, and Sally is even starting to be a mother's helper  by watching a little boy down the street. 

And on the really, good days, where there is a "love-fest" amongst them...the kind that make David and I scratch our heads and wonder why they are getting along so well?... those days just wrap up my childhood dreams of motherhood in the prettiest of gift wraps and top it off with a big, fancy bow! 

This weekend, was low-key...Saturday was a day for time at the park and walks around the neighborhood.  Stan and Mabel decided that they would raid the costume bin and dress up as brother and sister:

a.k.a. Princess Leah and Luke Skywalker...I was corrected when I called Stan Darth Vader. Sorry, the black threw me off!

I told you they have their own special imaginations!

And I would like to know why little people do not get up early, on their own, when you need them to?!  We barely made 8am Mass.  They were all snug in their beds, sound asleep, but were troopers when I asked them to quickly dress, brush their hair, and get into the van.  Stan was another story.  He can be an angry elf, a south pole elf, like me, when he is woken up too early.  Yikes!

The weather turned unseasonably cool and the sky threatened rain all day.  So our plans for the beach and picnic were scrapped.  The kids had their own back-up plan and it turned out to be so much fun.  We hit the bowling alley...

And afterward, remember that turkey story from the other night?  Well, it ended up being absolutely delicious!  Well done, David! 

Mabel lovingly prepared my snack while I took a siesta on the couch...
isn't that the sweetest?! (apple, golden raisins, chocolate teddy grahams, and princess fruit snacks.)

So I end with a big happy mother's day wish to all of you: Mom, Mother-in-law, my sisters and sisters-in-law and all of my are truly all blessings and add so much beauty to this world.  May you continue to live out your childhood dreams of motherhood!


  1. Beautifully written Momma Patty! What a great day. You are a wonderful mother and I am glad you are my friend. :) Happy b-lated mommies day.

  2. Well written! Loving your blog :) Trisha

  3. I really enjoy reading your stories. Well written and they make me smile, laugh and sometimes cry!!!
    Love you all. Eleanor


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