Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Summertime! is officially here in our home and today, we officially welcomed it!

And you know where we spent it...

  That's right!  We took a flying leap...

...and splashed right on in...

...laughing all the way!

What a great moment in a child's life...another rite of be out of school for the summer!

They have worked hard and deserve this time.  Today they could let loose and be care-free!

And what a glorious sound it is to hear  laughter and joy coming from children, at a swimming pool!

The sun shining down hard...the smell of suntan waters...sherbet colors...laughing, giggling, grinning kids...I love this time of year! 

And all the lady bugs, and Roley-polley bugs in the entire world love Texas because they know that a little boy named Stan will save each and every one of them from drowning in the pool. 

At this moment in time, all of their worries are washed they should be. (That goes for the little people AND the little bugs!)

For me?  Well, I have plans for another blog on the me and summer subject...but, I'll save it for another time.  Right now, today was about them turning another page in the book of life! 

P.S.   Chpt. 2 from the last blog...we did find bird poop in the car! Gross!



  1. Patty, congrats to the girls! Happy summer. We have about 3 more weeks due to time off for family stuff. We envy your early start. I just love keeping up with your fam. Love to all from US.

  2. Thanks for your kind and generous words! We really miss you guys.


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