Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's May...

and the pool is open!

This mom was way too tired to attend Saturday evening Mass so we split the weekend up in order to keep Stan home. David and Sally attended Saturday night Mass while Ester, Mabel and I attended Sunday morning Mass.

The whole weekend wasn't a wash out. David and Sally enjoyed their "date". The tent didn't leak. Stan and I slept like logs last night. The sun broke through the clouds by noon today. The pool is now open... a perfect day...and it is May!

I love it down here in Texas! There is something special about it.
Don't get me wrong. I miss being so close to our families. Holidays are THE worst!
At this time of year, I miss looking at the emerald- green, Kentucky- blue grass and the smell of the freshly mowed spring lawns.
I remember the rare occasion of heading home from school, rounding the corner, and seeing my dad home! and mowing the lawn. He always wore the same pair of shorts with a white, short-sleeved t-shirt, topped off with BLACK socks. He'd wave a big high to me and give me some silly tease. The am radio would be the background noise, behind the roar of the old mower, with nothing but the Cubs baseball game being announced and by none other than Harry Carry.
Oh...but then there is Texas! So many wonderful reasons why I absolutely, unequivocally, LOVE it down here. Blue skies to name one.

Our swimming season is anywhere from 5 1/2 - 6 months long. At least three suits required to make it through the season...and then for those lucky suits that do make it all the way usually have to pitch 'em when it is over. That is if they belong to my kids - who LOVE to swim - who are already showing signs of sun-kissed skin.

Down here, a pool is a MUST! The newer subdivisions all have "community" pools, gated and coded for residence only. (Or they're suppose to be in theory.)
That is another reason why I love it down here. Our pool is only five blocks from our house.

After testing the water with my big toe, I thought it best for me to park my rear back onto the chair. Without a doubt, if I would have jumped in, our families up north would have heard me scream!
I was perfectly content snapping away and enjoying them enjoy themselves.
Poor Stan stayed back, tucked in for a nap. We have to figure out something for little man.... any ideas? They have a "baby" area I thought he would be able to hang out in. There is also a splash park. He needs wings still....hmmm...oOne wouldn't do it, ya think?!

And at the end of a lazy afternoon, what is better than a kitchen on a super, sunny, Sunday afternoon at the beginning of swimming season?

Stan, Ester and I are in the midst of a pineapple-craze. They look cool, they taste delicious and smell divine.

And after these for is time for that run!
P.S. And after a day in the sun filled with swimming... I'm thankful for tired little people!

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  1. Totally relate to the missing family particularly at holiday thing. Utah is a bit closer to Oregon than Kentucky is to Texas. Your family members look like they are really enjoying the pool. That is great.


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