Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have You Ever...

...woken your kids from a slumber in order for them to witness something beautiful that God created?  I rarely do, but lately, I've been trying real hard to keep my eyes open in order to capture all the beauty that I had been taking for granted. 

Last night, God provided me with yet another awesome just sit...and watch...and just be...

I was in my bed, the kiddos tucked asleep for a good 30 minutes, and it was getting late.  In the corner of my brain, I was seeing the flash of lightening.  There was fewer seconds in between each flash, coming more rapidly each time. 

I heard the distant rumble of thunder, the kind that tells you that a big storm is approaching.

And then it was all mixing together; the site and sounds of an impending storm.  The kind of storm that makes you set everything down, look at the weather map, and then watch out the the absolute beauty of it all, forming before your eyes. 

God was creating a masterpiece and the sky was the canvas.  ...and because of nightfall, this particular artwork was even more of a masterpiece.

Knowing it was safe, I quickly grabbed my camera and woke up the three girls.  I asked them if they wanted to watch something beautiful...they jumped at the chance...half asleep.

From the driveway, their interest quickly peaked.  I could tell by the way they went from semi-lying on the drive to sitting up...their silence spoke volumes...with each passing moment, they were witnessing the making of a HUGE, (and I have to say beautiful),  thunderstorm....and I knew they understood the beauty and awe of God at work.  He was creating right before their eyes. 

And these are the photos I took.  I used my night setting hoping it would turn out.  I did not have time to grab my tripod, but I somewhat was able to pull it off.

It was soooo beautiful.  We just sat.  We just let time be...

This morning, my dear Sally finished her last quarter test for the 5th grade.  Way to go, Sally!


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