Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flashback to Coolness!

Stan and I were heading to the post office when Oh What a Night came on the radio.  In a split second I was in a time machine heading back to 1975...

I was six years old and I loved this song....lyrics - TOtally inappropriate for a six year old...but it rocked!

I envisioned myself at the local roller skating rink... THE coolest place to be growing up...(where I was from at least).  If you were hip, you were on four wheels attached to a boot, trying your hardest not to fall down in front of that cute, freckled-face, missing- two- front- teeth boy that you had a crush on forEVER.  The same boy who never seemed to pay any attention to you.

There were high-waisted jeans with bell-bottoms and micro-plastic belts to boot!  And to be the coolest, you didn't rent skates, baby, you owned skates!

For me, owning skates was something that happened when the coolness of it was almost worn off!  I was always behind the times a bit. 

I received my first pair of new skates when  I turned 9 years old.  I still remember the look and smell of them.  Gorgeous!  They were white boots with kelly-green wheels made from the perfect ball-bearings so they felt like you were skating on butter.  And to top it all off, I had kelly-green pom-poms perched ever-so-cutely on my toes!  Oh yeah, baby...that was cool! (back then!)

But my sister, Mary (3 yrs. my senior), was the epitome of coolness...of smoothness!  She was in 6th grade when she earned the privilege of skating at the rink on a Friday night...Oh!  How I envied her!  It was like a rite-of-passage for kids back then - to skate... on a Friday night... at the rink... without a grown up there. (Sigh......)

On those Friday nights, I recall sitting on her bed with my legs dangling through the foot board, watching her every move, memorizing it in my brain, as she prepared herself for a night of skating. 

She had Michael Jackson (pre-surgery Michael Jackson) playing on her record player.  Her hair was cut and styled like Farrah Fawcett (I think all girls did back then...the ones that age..Ha!)  She always wore this sapphire-blue, satin shirt and to top it off, she had a clear, plastic, micro-belt that was filled inside with some tinfoil-type material.  I'd just sit there, in awe, daydreaming about that being me someday...Sweeeeet!

I think by the time I was allowed to skate on a Friday night, it wasn't cool anymore.  Par for the course I suppose.

Fast -forward to tonight...I am going out with the moms from our Ave Maria group.  It isn't a roller-skating rink, but we still have a good time.  We meet the same night each month.  There are 30 of us in all and those who can make it,..well, we always have a good time when we do meet.

I'll have this tune playing in my head as I primp...and I'll have a little girl trying on my shoes or looking through my closet...and a couple of compliments, hopefully, the kind of compliments that make you feel like the epitome of COOLNESS!
And Mabel...she thinks she is all that since she finished up First Grade today!  Sweeeeet!

The gluteous maximus?  Doing much better today, thank you very much!
I hope you have a bit of that coolness in your step this week!


  1. OK - - so WHAT WAS THE SONG?????? I want to go back to 1975 (when I was 9)for a moment too. Ditto on all your roller skating rink memories.

  2. Oh, What a Night (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)

  3. Ha! I was the older sister getting ready! Only it was little brother, who probably did *not* think I was cool, watching. He was just bored and liked pestering me. I don't think I "knew you" when you posted this. :)


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