Saturday, July 23, 2016

Celebrating Our 21st on the 21st!

It was such a fun day!

My husband took me on a boat ride down the Red River.  The Red River is the natural boundary line for Texas and Oklahoma.

It flows into and out of Lake Texoma (90,000 acre lake), which borders Texas and Oklahoma.  It's usually extremely shallow with pockets of channels through sandbars, places where only special boats like air boats or jet boats can slip through.

The power plant had gates open that day while producing energy, so the river took on a completely different appearance as the waters flowed down from the lake.

He always launches his boat near the damn.  With the recent rain, the water was as clear as lake water!

(How I LOVE this guy!!)

Beer beak!

The next photo shows how shallow the river gets.  Usually, this section is completely closed.  We were only able to get through because he has a jet boat.

An old railroad bridge that is now a one-way, wooden plank, car bridge.

The only people we came across; new land owners checking things out.

Here I am, standing toward the middle of the river after we finished swimming.  This is normally a giant sand bar.

Check out the screen shot of the exact area from Google Maps::

Heading back toward the damn and beach/boat launch.  We ended up traveling 13 miles one way down river.

Oh my gosh, it was such a day!!  I'm so blessed to have the husband I do.  So grateful!

People ask us, "How did you two meet?"

In a bar. (Truth.)

I was 25 and he was almost 26, both of us had been previously engaged before to other people in our early 20's.  Our guarding angels sure had their work cut out for them during that period!  Ha ha!

My husband knew exactly what he wanted in a wife by then and without me knowing it, during our conversation in the bar, he pre-qualified me by casually and in no particular order asked me:

Are your parents married?  (This was EXTREMELY important to him.)
Are you Catholic?  (He only wanted to marry someone who was Catholic.  Life is difficult enough.  Throwing different religious beliefs automatically increases stress levels.)
Are you conservative?  (He is a political science major and this was very important to him.)

I'm SO relieved he did!  He was a very smart man for inquiring.  The Holy Sacrament of Marriage was/is mighty important to us.

Today, we pray for the future spouses of our children.  (If God calls them to Holy Matrimony.)  Who knows what difficulties they are undergoing in this crazy world and it's best to pray for them now. :)

Feeling blessed.

~  Patty ~

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Smorgasbord - Daybook Post

Outside my window ~

The real summer heat is announcing its presence this week, but I can't complain because it is July in Texas.

Early last Friday morning, Miss Ester and Mabel got a partial riding lesson in right before a beautiful, summer thunderstorm blew in.

(The horses and riders are so fun to watch!)

I am thankful for ~

* my friends.  There are so many amazing moms in our home school group that I am abundantly blessed to call 'Friend'.

* my children.  They teach me so much, most importantly, knowing their eyes are upon me makes me want to better myself all the time.

What I am reading ~

Still in the midst of ...

Stan the man just finished Madeleine Takes Command.  

The book was on the selection list for one of the four required book reports coming up this school year.  He loves to read so I had him read this over the summer.

Here is an overview:

Madeleine Verchère's story is based on a true account of colonial French Canada of the 1690s. Harassed by Iroquois, the Verchère family's fort must keep a continual guard. 14-year-old Madeleine is left alone with two younger brothers and few others when the Indians attack. We follow the brave and determined stratagems of Madeleine and her small circle. Madeleine's youthful leadership, especially of her brothers, will win the reader's admiration.

From the school room ~

A day in the life of a homeschooler when the books arrive.

I am praying for ~


* an end to abortion (As long as a child can be murdered in the womb, no life will be held sacred.)

* police officers everywhere

* my husband who was elected Captain of our local Troops of St. George troop

Around the house mall ~

This past Sunday, I took all my girls to the mall.  (I  just don't do malls.  I haven't since I was a teen.) It was HOT out and we were all tired of the swimming pool and the hot sun, so I agreed.  It ended up being a fun day!

While the big girls shopped, Miss Clementine and I had fun discovering the mall from a pint size view.

And big sis took her on the carousel.  I forgot how much fun those are for little ones!

From the kitchen ~

I was needing a new rubber spatula for baking.  I searched top spatulas on the Internet and found this little bad boy.

It is worth every penny.  I purchased it on Amazon here.

Loving it, I then checked out their ultimate 13" flipper for my egg-loving, pancake flipping husband.

He said it was the best spatula/flipper he's ever used.  (And he HATES to buy anything!)  I found it on Amazon here.

GIR products come in a multitude of bright colors as well as plain black.*I'm not getting reimbursed in any way for this review.**)

I am listening to ~

A Christmas movie is being played upstairs by a little 4 year old who has a yucky, summer cold.

Coming down the pike this week ~

*The past 10 days have kept us incredibly busy with back-to-school type meetings, so much happening.

* Thursday - our 21st wedding anniversary!

A final photo to share ~

Trying out her new boots and umbrella after the storm last Friday. :)

Wishing you all a good rest of your week!

~  Patty  ~

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Square Foot Garden (2016 Update #5)

It has been a successful year!

Beside the tomatoes and cucumbers, Miss Mabel had success with her carrots (a first attempt with these).  We've been enjoying the fruits of our labor the past month.

The biggest part of our success was David's compost.  He built a compost container about four years ago and it just makes the soil so rich and fertile.

I'll never go without bird netting again.  That was a key factor in keeping out those pesky mockingbirds.

Now we are thinking about a fall/winter garden.

Happy gardening!

~  Patty  ~

Kitchen Cabinet Make-Over (Part II)

David is almost finished with the kitchen cabinets.  That man has worked so hard on the project, working every free moment he has had.

Here's a peek at how the base cabinets are looking ::

Just three more side panels to hang and it will be complete.  I can hardly wait to show you the final pictures!

~  Patty  ~

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Such Sorrow

My heart has been breaking for the past week.

Since that awful night, I have been endlessly watching the news.  Yesterday, the burials began.  How my heart breaks for the families of the police officers.

May God continue to wrap them in prayer, love and support.  The love and support the officers of Dallas have been receiving is incredible to say the least.  So many stories being covered since this horrific night.  Stories that inspire and bring hope.

And how about Police Chief David Brown?

An amazing leader, so dignified and composed in what had to be one of the worst days of his life.  His ability to lead and unite in this time of extreme grief far exceeds those in office.


Pray for peace.  Pray for our country.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July - Daybook Post 2016

Outside my window ~

The weather on the 4th was actually quite lovely for North Texas.  Our morning started out with a small, light rain shower and that type of thunder that echoes and rolls for ever and ever; a very soothing morning.

When the sun popped out, the temps only got to a high of 90 degrees.

I am thankful for ~

* spending quality time with good neighbors who are about to move to Mississippi

* my husband

* spending time with friends on their ranch celebrating the Fourth of July

What I am reading ~

I continue to love this book::

Each chapter covers a Beatitude.  The author tells the reader a handful of backgrounds on various saints whose lives pertain to the Beatitude the chapter is on.  I'm finding it powerful and makes me contemplate the Beatitudes more than I ever had before.

From the school room ~

* I am getting ready to order the school books for this next school year.  I use Seton Home Study School, I have for 13 years now.   It's always worked for us so my theory is, don't fix what isn't broken.

* I am trying to control my emotions as my oldest enters senior year.

I am praying for ~

* that God directs us toward our badly needed third car (With two teens working, having different shifts, it is time.)

* our country (I celebrate our country's forefathers, but I have a terrible time celebrating our country when it comes to today's standards.)

* an end to abortion (which is the root of our country's troubles.)

Around the house ~

From the kitchen ~

I am listening to ~

* the hum of the dryer in the laundry room

* someone is watching Little House on the Prairie upstairs

Coming down the pike this week ~

Monday - July 4th
Tuesday - swimming with friends
Tuesday - Miss Ester has a horse lesson with a new instructor we are trying out.
Wednesday - appointment with Father to discuss Confirmation (He has given us permission to homeschool Confirmation instead of enrolling in the religious ed program.)
Thursday - I'm driving a friend to her doctor appointment in Dallas
Friday - swimming with friends

A final photo to share ~

Southern summer nights

I remember when I was that age.  :)

~  Patty  ~


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